AddressTwo is a Small Business CRM that's Simple and Easy to Use.

Customer Relationship Management

What's The Cost of an Opportunity Lost? AddressTwo Always Prompts for Next Steps and Reminds You To Follow Through.
Taking notes on appointments and calls may seem like a rote exercise, but AddressTwo turns it into action-prompting data. Every action asks for the follow-up action. And, thanks to Addy, your virtual assistant, you will receive emails each morning reminding you of the tasks due that day. Never let a relationship stagnate!

Track Open Opportunities & Projects
After months of relationship-building, you finally get the chance to quote. What happens next? In AddressTwo, opportunities can be easily logged, which not only creates prompts for future follow-up, but also aggregates into an accurate forecast of projected business. Never let a deal go cold!

Small Business CRM
Tools like call logs and sales forecasts might seem like only something the big companies do. But the reality is, you need to manage your business intelligently just as much, if not more, than your larger corporate competitors. That's why we have designed AddressTwo explicitly as a Small Business CRM to meet your exact needs and budget. Get started with a free trial today and see what a difference CRM can make.

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Nick and his team are fantastic. The address two platform is very easy to use and constantly evolving. The Address Two team is HIGHLY responsive. In fact, in all my years of working with software vendors, I've never encountered a team quite so responsive and flexible. We feel very lucky to have found Address Two and would highly recommend it to other small - mid size businesses looking for a well thought out,easy to use and implement CRM package.

Address Two is a great program. Although here at the church we don't use it to its full advantage, we do use their sorting & mailing which is so easy. Inputting addresses or correcting is also easy. And their support is outstanding, any time I have had a problem, they get right on it! I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to keep a record of contacts &/or needs mailing labels.

I have been an AddressTwo user since the beginning and have found it to be a useful tool for any business. Using it in several businesses I would recommend it to anyone. The interface is easy to use and easy to get up to speed with. I love the integration with the campaign manager. Customer support is another great asset of this company. I am a stark raving fan of Nick Carter and AddressTwo. AddressTwo is a Rock Star in my book!

AddressTwo is without a doubt, my number one recommended tool for small businesses & entrepreneurs. Its so easy to lose or forget to follow up with contacts. AddressTwo helps me stay connected with my network and keeps vital contact information organized. AddressTwos support team is by far some of the best professionals I know and they're an invaluable resource! The email campaigns make my life easier for marketing too.

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